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Out with the Preciso, in with the Sette 270! Baratza’s Newest Grinder is Flying Off the Shelves

Out with the Preciso, in with the Sette 270! Baratza’s Newest Grinder is Flying Off the Shelves

You may not have heard the news, but Baratza is replacing the Preciso grinder with the new Sette 270 grinders, which come in two variations: 270 and 270W. The team at My Espresso Shop has been lucky enough to try both grinders out extensively, and we are very excited about the features of this new grinder. It's no wonder that the Sette 270 is taking the espresso-loving world by storm!

Baratza’s new design, which they call the “Sette” (“seven” in Italian,) is roughly the seventh model released by Baratza. The Sette 270 grinder features an innovative vertical path for coffee to travel directly from the hopper down through the burrs and out to either a bin or portafilter. Batatza notes that this new, revolutionary system results in near-zero retention.

Another great new feature of the Sette 270 is a mechanism that actively delivers coffee into and out from the burrs. This results in an exemplary output speed of about 3.5 grams per second of espresso and 5.5 grams per second in brewing range. This speed the Sette 270 produces is more than twice as fast as other Baratza grinders, and it also diminishes static and retention.

While the Baratza Preciso grinder was a solid machine in it’s own right, It’s not wonder why Baratza decided to replace it with the Sette 270. Baratza’s Chief Engineer and Co-Founder said, “The grinding mechanism in the Sette is what’s really new. It’s a whole new generation, it has nothing in common with our existing family of conical burr grinders.” 

The principle difference between grinders like the Preciso and the Sette 270 begins with what Baratza calls the "Etzinger Mechanism." The Etzinger Mechanism is a take on the conical grinding process developed by Christian Etzinger, the Austrian aeronautical engineer based in Switzerland that designs and manufactures burrs for Baratza in the small, nearby of Liechtenstein. Conical burr grinders have always functioned with a stationary outer ring burr and a rotating conical inner burr. The Etzinger Mechanism works oppositely. The inner burr is stationary, and the ring burr spins around it, driven by a proprietary direct gear-drive system Baratza has licensed from another Swiss company and tested for strength and durability. 

Out with the old, in with the new

The Preciso’s days are numbered, but don't worry: The Sette 270 has already risen to the top in the world of conical burr grinders. With a price tag of $379, the Sette 270 is a bit more expensive than the Preciso, which was about $325. But even if you opt for the $499 Sette 270W, we guarantee that you'll be thrilled with the results.

If you have any questions about ordering the Baratza Sette 270 or Sette 270W, feel free to get in touch with the team at My Espresso Shop! Send us an email to Info@MyEspressoShop.com or call us at 212-271-0072.