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Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

by Cameron Clark July 09, 2017

Best Coffee Beans for Espresso

Choosing the right beans is of the utmost importance when it comes to espresso. Just because you have a high-quality automatic machine doesn't mean you can use low-quality beans and still produce great espresso. Remember: low-quality beans can't be fixed with a great machine.

The bottom line is that high-quality espresso coffee beans are absolutely vital. You wouldn't expect a MasterChef to produce a great meal with subpar ingredients.,  so you shouldn't expect to make great coffee with old or stale beans. Make sure you know how to properly store your beans to keep them fresh. You need to combine them with a good espresso machine too. With that said, take a look at some of our favorite espresso beans.


Koffee Kult Dark Roast Beans

Koffee Kult Dark Roast BeansThese are some of the best beans out there, especially when you consider the richness in taste. Once you have a smell of them, you'll know that they are the best espresso beans around. When you pour them into your espresso grinder, you'll see the beans have a dark and glossy coat on them, but this shouldn't put you off.

These beans are Arabica and fair trade. Best of all, they are organic! The blend is from some of the most popular regions for producing coffee, including Sumatra, Columbia, and Guatemala.

The flavors of this blend are not complex. Espresso beans are usually blended to extract the best ingredients from various regions. Furthermore, it's worth pointing out that the roaster at the company has decades of experience.

You will love the smell of these beans and it's hard not to take a whiff of the bag when you go into your kitchen. There are hundreds of good reviews about these beans, and for good reason. If you want to enjoy a great tasting latte or cappuccino, then treat yourself to this blend.

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Lavazza Super Creama

Lavazza Super Creama Luigi Lavazza founded this brand back in 1895, and since then, it has gone on to become one of the best and most popular espresso coffee bean brands in the world. Every single bag of Lavazza whole bean coffee contains some of the best espresso coffee beans you'll ever taste. The company uses 80% sweet Aravicas and 20% of Robustas, which is why each cup is full of flavor. Let's not forget to mention the velvety crema!

These beans have a distinctive taste. They aren't as fruity as other beans and they have a 'chocolatey' taste to them. Let's put it this way: When you sip a cup of espresso made from these beans, you will think you're having a cup in the middle of Rome.

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Kicking Horse Coffee

Kicking Horse CoffeeThe number one organic fair trade coffee in Canada is Kicking Horse. "Fair trade" refers to the fact that coffee harvesters in third-world countries are paid a certain percentage of each bag of beans sold. This creates a fairer industry, as well as a more sustainable coffee industry (which is HUGELY important to us at My Espresso Shop). Plus, when you purchase a bag of beans with the organic seal, then you can rest assured you're getting a high-quality product.

We think you will love Kicking Horse because of the richness of the beans, as well as the subtleties of flavor they possess. There are many different flavors to choose from, and some of these include beans for regular coffee -- Three Sister's Medium and Cliffhanger Espresso Medium to name a few. Any one of those flavors is worth trying!

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Coffee Bean Direct Espresso

Coffee Bean Direct EspressoThe Coffee Bean Direct company was founded about 10 years ago and since then it has built a strong reputation for itself. It is now a major player in the espresso coffee beans industry. Its profile of flavors is impressive too.

Not only is each bag of beans roasted according to roast guidelines that the company has created, but the company makes sure the beans stay fresher for longer periods of time. This is because the beans get roasted right before they get packaged. The beans are very rich with flavor, and this is a result of their slow-roast process.

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Sure, you may have the best espresso machine in the world, but if you use low-quality espresso coffee beans, don't be surprised if you aren't crazy about the shots you're producing. There's no sense in having a high-quality espresso machine if you're going to use mediocre espresso beans.

If you want to enjoy a great tasting cup of espresso time after time, make sure you try out at least one of the recommended coffee beans mentioned above. Once you try them, you will never go back to using low-quality espresso beans ever again!

Cameron Clark
Cameron Clark


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Craig Holtz
Craig Holtz

June 12, 2020

I have a Breville Oracle. If I use dark oily beans it gunks up the grinder. Which of these beans won’t gunk up my grinder?

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