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10 Ways Espresso Makes You Healthier

by Cameron Clark February 03, 2017

10 Ways Espresso Makes You Healthier

Health Benefits of Espresso

There are hundreds of millions of people all over the world that wake up to a cup of coffee. If you happen to be a member of this 'morning coffee club', then you're going to be happy to hear that coffee isn’t just a great tasting beverage that perks you up in the morning; it’s also great for your health! The health benefits of coffee are all natural, and our infographic below shows you ten different ways you reap those health benefits each time you drink your cup of coffee. (See our infographic below!)

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Some of the Benefits: Explained

There have been several scientific studies (as seen at the bottom of the infographic) that show just how beneficial a cup of espresso or coffee can be when added to your morning routine. From the prevention of Parkinson's Disease to lowering your odds of acquiring diabetes and colon cancer, you'll find plenty of benefits from this beloved caffeinated drink.

Additionally, drinking coffee (and especially espresso) enhances your overall mental performance and boosts your immune system! The one component of coffee that's most beneficial to your health and “makes the magic happen” is the antioxidants. In fact, one of the reasons why espresso is even better for you than regular drip coffee is due to the fact that the steam pushed through the ground coffee beans occurs so quickly that the antioxidants are more concentrated in that single shot of espresso.

However, that’s not to say that regular black coffee drinkers don’t also reap the health benefits of coffee. Check out My Espresso Shop's infographic below, and be sure to remember some of these 10 facts the next time your friend says, “Are you sure drinking all of that coffee isn’t bad for your health?”

10 Ways Espresso Makes You Healthier

Cameron Clark
Cameron Clark


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