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Best Automatic Espresso Machine For You

by Cameron Clark July 17, 2017

Best Automatic Espresso Machine For You

For coffee lovers all over the world, having a nice, reliable espresso machine is a critical to your morning routine.

Without a good beverage in hand (preferably caffeinated!) , how are you supposed to get through that stubborn early morning fatigue? This is why it’s important to get a world-class espresso machine that is a welcome addition to your kitchen and is going to bring value to your daily routine.

Best Automatic Espresso Machines in 2017

So, what is the best option on the market right now? While this list is certainly not intended to be a ‘definitive guide’, here our some of our top picks for the best espresso machines for you.


1) La Spaziale (S1 Dream)

La Spaziale S1 Dream espresso machine

  • Provides Programmable Offset Differential
  • Power Output Up To 20 Amps
  • Volumetric Dosing
  • Dual Boiler Included
  • Rotary Pump


La Spaziale has a long held reputation as a total powerhouse when it comes to espresso machines.

With the S1 Dream, you are looking at a machine that is power-packed with a range of features and creates some of the best espresso around. The dual boiler, volumetric dosing, and power output (up to 20 amps) make it a real winner.

It’s a well-built, attractive machine that makes it easy to put into your kitchen without having to think twice about the quality you’re getting. This is one of the major plus points with a machine of this nature, where having the wrong option can get in the way of everything else on a countertop.


The S1 Dream is well-made and provides a world-class experience, so it would take a picky eye to note any cons with this machine. If there had to be a con to mention with this leading espresso machine, you might point towards the price tag, as it is a bit pricier than some of the other options. Also, this is a direct plumb machine, so it is primary designed for commercial use (unless you want a serious home setup!).

Click here to read La Spaziale S1 Dream Espresso Machine full dimensions and specs.

2A) La Spaziale (S1 Vivaldi II)

La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II espresso machine

  • Comes With 2 Black Handle Portafilters
  • Dual Manometer ETL Listed
  • Swivel Stainless Steel Arm
  • Built-In Safety Cut
  • Volumetric Dosing (Adjustable)
  • Programmable Pre-Infusion


Starting off, this is one of those elite options that deserves a spot among the top leaders.

The swivel arm, built-in safety cut, and programmable pre-infusion are a joy to behold. These are settings you are going to use on a regular basis. The quality of the espresso produced by this machine is fantastic, and once you try it, you won’t think twice about buying it on the spot.


The only con one could mention is that it is direct plumb only, and it’s a pretty hefty machine. This isn't a deterrent for many, but with limited space, it might be problematic.

Click here to read La Spaziale S1 Vivaldi II Espresso Machine full dimensions and specs.

2B) Quick Mill Monza Deluxe

Quick Mill Monza Deluxe espresso machine

  • Programmable Features (Heated Brew Group, Pre-Infusion, Timer)
  • Air Adjustment Knob
  • Adjustable Pump Pressure Gauge
  • Password Protection
  • 3-Liter Water Reservoir
  • Decaf Accessible


The positives of Quick Mill start with the programmable features. It is unbelievably consistent due to the level of control you are given, whether it involves timing, brewing, or the pre-infusion process. The password protection is an added bonus that provides an excellent touch to this quality machine.


The only cons some may have with this machine are the price tag and lack of power output options (taps out at 15 amps).

Click here to read Quick Mill Monza Deluxe full dimensions and specs.

3) Bezzera BZ16

Bezzera BZ16 espresso machine

  • Provides Two Separate Gauges (Brew and Steam Pressure)
  • Fully Automated Dosing Buttons
  • Multi-Directional Steam
  • Handcrafted In Italy


This machine from Bezzera has immaculate performance in part due to the two separate gauges. You gain a great amount of control due to these gauges, and the machine has tremendous multi-directional steam settings.

You can also ensure that you’re getting an excellent cup every single time, and this consistency stands out. (Take our word for it!)


The BZ16 doesn't possess the ultra-"high-end" features one might expect on other machines with the word “Commercial” in their name, but it absolutely gets the job done for those who want a singular, robust option that works well any time of the day.

Click here to read Bezerra BZ16 full dimensions and specs.


4) Bezzera BZ07

Bezzera BZ07 espresso machine

  • Provides Removable Water Reservoir (3L)
  • Multi-Directional Steam
  • Thermostat-Controlled Heat
  • Vacuum Breaker For Timer
  • Low Water Level Switch
  • Vibration Pump
  • All-Stainless Steel Body


The coffee is great, and you are going to love the additional control this espresso machine brings to the table. You are going to have a low water level switch that is easy to use and provides a safer option. You’re also going to adore the stainless steel body (it looks super sleek!)


While the cons are minimal, some find that it takes awhile to get used to, and that can become bothersome if you’re trying to rush out the door every morning. However, once you become more comfortable with the settings, it does a brilliant job of producing quality beverages.

Click here to read Bezerra BZ07 full dimensions and specs.


5) Ascaso Kap Tronic

Ascaso Kap Tronic espresso machine

  • Comes With  a Special Cappucino Steam Wand
  • Robust Vibration Pump
  • Stainless Steel & Aluminium Build
  • 2-Liter Water Reservoir
  • Adjustable Cup Rest
  • Over Pressure Valve
  • Used Capsule Chamber


This is Ascaso automatic espresso machine is power-packed option and is very budget-friendly.

You are getting a well-built espresso machine that is nice and compact, so it is going to fit nicely in your kitchen. We’ve personally found (and heard much feedback) that the Kap Tronic Espresso Machine provides a rich and robust flavor.


It doesn't provide the same power output as the other options on the market, but that doesn't hold it back from providing elite coffee. Also, it’s a smaller machine, so it’s not ideal if you plan on pulling dozens of shots every hour.



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